Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inventory of Tools

ACTIVboard - I still use my board everyday and still love it. I haven't made a flipchart in a very long time though just do to all of my lessons already being made. I will add pages or delete a page, I'm just no longer making them from scratch. I also use my ACTIVboard to make videos of my lessons. ACTIVexpressions - when I am doing a lesson that is not flipped I do still use my expressions Edmodo - I use it sometimes, I find myself using it more for professional development to create a group for teachers so I can post links to but there isn't much interaction. I started using in class a few years ago but with the access issues I find it difficult to make kids do assignments on it at home. I do want to start to use it more (next year) because I do think it is a great tool. - I do not use this tool because I do not have students write more than a few sentences. I think it is a great tool I just do not have a use currently for it. google docs - I have also do not use them really in class. Students rarely do group projects currently and their independent work is so mathy that I prefer them not to do work on a separate sheet. dropbox - I LOVE dropbox. I don't use it a lot with students unless they are trying to turn in a large file from a netbook I can open my dropbox and drag it into my dropbox, but i use it all the time to collaberate with other teachers and for my own personal use. LOVE IT Looking at this is seems I don't really do any web 2.0 tools :( but I do use technology I guess I just don't consider them web 2.0 tools. I do upload videos to youtube, I make Skyward quizzes for students to take in class, I find apps that my students can use to help clarify a topic we are on, I find websites that students can work on interactive practice, quizzes, animations, virtual labs and such.

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