Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sooo who am I following???

So I'm adding to my PLN and trying to find people to follow. When I first started to think about flipping I was reading Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sims journey. It's been a while since I've looked at their data and info and it's nice to look back at the blog and see what questions people are asking since it gives me a different perspective many times or times to think about that I hadn't considered. So I subscribed to I really like it since it is flipping in a chemistry class room. Although Jon no longer has a class of his own he is still a great resource.

 I also googled chemistry teacher blogs and found a site for 50 best science teacher blogs. The one I found of interest is
Teaching chemistry - building a 21st century chemistry classroom 


  1. It does take time to develop and maintain a personal learning network. And, sometimes your focus shifts so you have to "have all your bases covered." Mine is somewhat scattered around a variety of tools - sort of a loosely "somewhat disorganized" collection. I don't approach it everyday in the same way...

  2. Something to keep your eye on - Crash Course videos for Chemistry - These videos are awesome, I used the World History ones when I taught, these can definitely help you spice up your flipped AP Chemistry class.

  3. The growth of your PLN should be a natural outgrowth of those you are already following, but you probably should follow more than one person. You shouldn't have to go and look for people to follow--that makes no sense. However, if you stumble across a post or article you really like, follow the author. Before you know it, your PLN will begin to grow and cover the big 3--technology, pedagogy, and content. Good job!