Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tool #10 Digital Citizenship

1) The three things I would want my students to know about being a good digital citizen are:
a) That everything that they read online is correct and that they should always look at multiple sources.
b) That they should not be writing anything on a website that would be inappropriate to say nor should they be send e-mails with inappropriate material in it.
c) They cannot copy information from the web for an assignment that is plagiarism.
2) I can use atomic learning such as avoiding plagiarism before assigning a research paper, or netiquette before working on a collaborating project.
3) I would teach digital citizenship by talking about it throughout the year. When our focus changes then I would change my focus of the talk.
4) I can share by the idea of digital citizenship with parents by sending home a pamphlet about what we expect of the students with websites that they can go to so they better understand what it is to be a digital citizen.

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