Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tool #8 The devices

I learned that the netbooks will have a webcam that they could use to make short videos/tutorials. I also learned that the ipads will be synced with the teacher laptop. The only problem with that is each teacher will have to buy an App and although a team will all use the same Apps it will now cost much more since they do not have a common sync computer. I do like that each teacher is responsible for their own devices I just don't think it is the most economical thing especially since some of the i-pad apps are pricey. I did have two questions 1) where will the money to get the Apps come? 2) will the i-pads get screen protectors and cases? (it only mentioned i-pods)
I plan on managing the devices by first going over acceptable use and the consequences of not following these acceptable use rules (alternate assignment during class/ finishing the class assignment at home/ or receiving a zero for the assignment) Also walking around to monitor what they are doing. If they should be researching and they are pressing on the screen constantly then they are playing a game not researching. If we are using them as a station then students will alert me if a device is broken when they reach that station to hold the students that were at the station before them accountable. At the end of each period I can quickly do a count to make sure they are all accounted for before the bell rings. If they are using them individually then they can check them out and in from me and I can make sure they come back in the same condition as they were lent out.

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