Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tool #3

I embedded two videos, one by using the insert a video button on the top of the compose tab. The second video I copied the embed code in the edit HTML tab. Both worked pretty much the same. I also used the view pure site which works well since some videos on youtube do have some inappropriate ads on the sides and bottom. I tried using keepvid and saveyoutube but was unsuccessful. Keepvid said it cost money to download and saveyoutube said it might corrupt my computer so I just exited out. I find youtube and discovery education to be the most useful to find videos. I prefer to use Google images to find images. I found the code of best practices in fair use for media literacy education video ridiculous and a waste of my 3 minutes. I did learn that as long as I am posting things to a secure password protected site such as my edmodo account that I can post whatever for educational purpose. Dropbox also says it might harm my computer, but I continued and it worked. Drop box was really easy to use. I like that I can put files that I might use on other computers in the drop box and then I can quickly open them on another computer. I do not have to worry about transferring files with a flash drive to my mac I can just open the files in drop box. I sadly have known about drop box for a while and used it once but now that I've been using multiple computers I find this very useful.

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