Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tool #11 Reflections Final Post!!!!

I have passed my assessment, I could have scored an A had a not choose all choices on the choose all that apply.
1) My favorite tools are edmodo, blogger, and wall wisher. I can post about relevant chemistry topics to a blog in blogger and have students make comments about it. I also can post videos or podcasts and have students ask questions or respond to other peoples comments.
2) I've transformed my way of thinking by realizing there are many different ways to give students they information they need to be able to apply and they do not always need to do a worksheet to show what they know. A lot of times in chemistry they do still need practice solving problems but there are topics that they can learn just as much if not more by doing an activity on a netbook or i-pad.
3) My unexpected outcome was how I know like Google Chrome. I was not a fan of it the first few times I used it but as I've been using it for my blog I've realized it is really good for things other than skyward and PDLC. As long as I'm not using those programs it is easy to navigate.

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  1. Congratulations on completing your 11 tools journey. After reading all of your posts, it is evident that you have found some relevant uses for the devices and that you have realistic concerns as well. You have posed some questions that I will need to follow up on, and the answers will benefit everyone, even those that have not thought about this as clearly as you.

    Again, congratulations.